Download count 14456
Monitored units 1618
Unique unit types 29
Average health 86 %
Average cycle count 328
Average age 910 days

MacBook Battery Database (MBBDB) is an online service to share and compare your MacBook's battery health with others and bring you tips for longer battery life.

In time the capacity of your MacBook's battery is going down as the battery is wearing. By Apple itself, the normal behaviour of wearing is 50 % capacity loss after 400 discharge/recharge cycles. However, there are batteries (mine included) which loose their capacity far much quicker. Losing 60 % of original capacity (40 % health) after as few as 120 cycles is (by the user complains in public forums) not as rare as it shoud be.

To find out the real battery quality and its behaviour and wearing in time among lots of MacBook owners, this service has came up. It allows you to monitor your battery status and viewing it online as a graph in time or cycle counts and compare it with other batteries of the same type. Overall statistics and user defined queries are also possible.

Download and install BatterySpy widget.
Set reporting period on widget back side. Daily reporting period is set by default.
Click Submit now button to submit initial data about your battery to the site. All periodical submitting will be then done by the widget automatically.
Click Show my data button every time you want to open the MBBDB page

BatterySpy is a dashboard widget which provides your battery status online to MBBDB. It can be set to report automatically hourly, daily or monthly or manually on your request. It works automatically, just install the widget, set the reporting period and let it be.

On the front side of the widget there are two buttons. Submit now for manual submitting - in case when automatic submitting is off or when you just want to send the data once manually. Show my stats for opening the battery status page. If you are using more than one battery in your MacBook, it always opens the stats page for the one you have actually installed. In the lower right corner there is a little i icon to switch to the widget settings page.

You can set whether or not to submit your battery status to MBBDB automatically and how often, if so. Usually, the daily submitting period is absolutely sufficient. There are also dates and times of the last and the next scheduled submit.